About Us

If you love Tenerife, there’s nothing to worry about. Come and fall in love too.

We already fell in love with Tenerife 20 years ago, and even today it is still stronger and stronger. At first, our work pace did not allow us to be here as often and for as long as we would like to, but we still went to Tenerife as often as possible. The pandemic that started in 2020 changed everything. That year was a turning point for us. Part of our business was stopped in the Czech Republic, but on the other hand, new possibilities and opportunities opened for us, for which we are extremely grateful. In our case, the rule applied that every cloud has a silver lining. Even though everything didn’t turn out as we planned and imagined, we picked ourselves up, as a family, we bonded even more, we stood together, picked ourselves up, and started to rebuild our Nova Tenerife.

And here we are,

David & Lucie