David Nový

David Nový
CEO – Real estate

On my first trip to Tenerife in 2001, I was captivated by the magical energy of this island and it has stayed with me ever since. My entrepreneurial career has been written since 1991 and since then I have travelled halfway around the world, but Tenerife has become my heartland thanks to its ever-changing diversity that continues to bring me new and fascinating experiences. In Tenerife, I have discovered not only the diverse landscapes and cultural richness but also the unique weather that reminds me of eternal spring. Here, you can experience the four seasons in one day, and on a journey around the island, endless beauty is revealed in just 250 kilometres.
Despite the challenges that COVID-19 brought to us all, I decided to share my love for Tenerife with others. I started helping friends find properties not only to rent but also to buy or to run a business. This brought me together with a small local estate agency, which, thanks to our connection and my contacts, gained a strong position in the market in a short time. However, over time our visions and style of doing business began to diverge and so in 2022, I set up my own family business, Nova Tenerife S.L., based on trust, serious behaviour, following agreed rules and building long-term relationships.

Our great advantage is our presence both in Tenerife and in the Czech Republic. This allows us to meet our clients in person in their home countries and better prepare them for their, often first, trip to Tenerife. We value our clients and therefore we deal with them straightforwardly, knowing in advance both the advantages and disadvantages of living and owning a property on the island and in the location they have chosen.
Together with my family I have travelled to every corner of the island and discovered great restaurants, which our friends and clients appreciate during their stays here on the island. I am also an avid golfer and cyclist, which allows me to recommend the best routes and places that you definitely must not miss. With us, you will enjoy your active stay on the island.
In February 2023, my colleague and partner Rasťa, who has lived in Tenerife for 26 years and is a whiz in the real estate business, joined the company. Rasťa speaks eight world languages, which allows us to provide personal service not only to our Czech clientele.
Our motto is “Your journey to your dream property in Tenerife starts with us,” and I believe that our philosophy based on excellent relationships and long-term cooperation will meet your expectations.
With us, you will become part of this unique island paradise and we will be happy to help you discover its beauty.

Tel.: +420 724 205 177
E-mail: [email protected]