Los Jardines de Abama, Abama Resort Tenerife


From 895.000 € + 7% IGIC

  • 2 – 3 bedrooms
  • 135 – 193 m²
  • 2 – 3 bathrooms
  • air conditioning
  • parking & storage space
  • garden 33 – 116 m²
  • terrace 51 – 105 m²
  • laundry & housekeeping
  • concierge
  • furnished
  • heated pools
  • fitness & wellness


Why to buy?

Imagine owning an exclusive apartment in Tenerife withspectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, direct access toa secluded beach, an extraordinary culinary offer, and first-class sport facilities.Abama Luxury Residences is bringing dreams to lifeagain with the launch of Los Jardines de Abama. Thesubtle elegance of this collection of luxury apartments isevident in its contemporary architecture, meldingseamlessly with the exuberant natural surroundings.

An exclusive location to live Tenerife,

the largest of the Canary Islands, enjoys a uniquemicro-climate that distinguishes it from every other destinationin the world. And tucked away on the southwest coast of thisisland lies Abama, a luxury resort that is one of Europe’sbest-kept secrets. Our 400 acres area haven of tranquilityand calm, where Michelin dining and world-class servicescome together in an exclusive ocean paradise.

Acces to facilities & benefits

Owners of Los Jardines de Abama will also receive theAbama Owners’ card, offering owners and their familymembers special benefits and discounts within the resort.Inquire our sales team for further information.

  • The Los Jardines de Abama social club
  • The outdoor pools
  • The fitness centre
  • The club restaurant and lounge area

Rental & Property Management

The Rental Program will be managed by an experienced andprofessional rental management company, MyWay Hotels &Resorts.The owner will be compensated, every six months, for theaforementioned Rental Use. Owners may use their propertythemselves for a maximum period of 6 months (26 weeks)per year.

  • Owners will receive 40% of the total operating income obtained from the accommodation services provided to guests.
  • Owners will be responsible for payment of a monthly community fee, the amount of which will depend on the square meters of the apartment owned.
  • Owners will be responsible for all property taxes and insurance.