Banana Island

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, Tenerife is an island full of greenery and diverse nature. Thanks to the year-round warm and sunny weather and soil rich in nutrients, a variety of plants thrive here, from aloe vera and prickly pears to palms, ferns, and various types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Even in winter, you can enjoy fresh tomatoes, avocados, and citrus fruits here.
If you visit the island, you will definitely notice a large number of banana plantations located throughout the southern part of the island. Bananas are grown here all year round and can be purchased in every grocery store or food stand. If you are interested in the local banana culture, be sure to visit a banana plantation where local workers and guides will introduce you to the secrets of growing bananas and their further processing. During your visit to the town of Icod de los Vinos, and its majestic dragon tree, visit the Banana Museum, which represents another part of the iconic island of Tenerife. Don’t forget to taste fresh bananas and other banana products, especially.

Finca between volcanoes and bananas

Finca (= farm) Las Margaritas is a banana plantation located near the town of Fraile, towards the fishing village of Las Galletas, between volcanoes and bananas. The farm is located directly on the main road, ensuring easy access for all visitors. There is also a bus stop nearby, where buses stop on their way to Las Galletas. Parking is also easy thanks to the spacious and free parking lot right next to the plantation.
The aim of this banana farm is to connect the sectors of agriculture, education, and tourism. The main vision of the workers is to spread banana farming as a historical and cultural part of the region. Thanks to the unique combination of traditional cultural work and modern techniques, the farm has achieved maximum productivity. Every visitor here can not only taste the best bananas, but also learn something new about the process of growing bananas and their processing into local island products. You can take a guided tour of the plantation with a professional guide, either in a group or individually. The guide not only informs you about the farm’s activities, but also entertains you with funny stories. You will be able to see the positive relationship between the local workers and the banana trees and their fruits. Of course, you can also explore the banana farm on your own and get information from information boards that form an educational trail culminating in El Cuartito, where product tastings from local banana growers take place at certain times. Traditional gofio, Canary flour, is demonstrated here. During the tasting, you can enjoy not only sweets made from bananas, but also banana wine, which is a unique alcoholic beverage originating from the Canary Islands. There is also a shop at this “tasting station” where you can buy all the products you have tasted.
The entrance fee for the banana farm is 8 EUR for adults and 6 EUR for children under 12 years old. In the case of a guided tour, you will pay an additional 2 EUR, which we believe is worth it. The entrance fee also includes a tasting in El Cuartito. We definitely recommend not forgetting your camera, as the photos here are truly amazing, and we are not just talking about photos of ripening bananas. The local environment offers a beautiful backdrop for family and artistic photographs. For more information about Finca Las Margaritas, visit their website.

Banana Museum

If you visit the town of Icod de los Vinos, be sure not to miss Casa del plátano – the Banana Museum! This place is not only fascinating for all banana enthusiasts, but also for those who want to learn more about the history of banana cultivation on the Canary Islands. Admission to the museum is very affordable, with adults paying just 5 EUR and children aged 5 to 15 only 3 EUR.

Bananas have been cultivated in Tenerife for centuries and are considered one of the most important crops on the island. Cavendish bananas are grown here in large quantities and have a sweet taste and medium size. Despite being very popular on the islands, they are not commonly available in European countries due to unfulfilled European Union quotas.

If you like to try something new and interesting, don’t forget to try local specialties in the store, including delicious banana wine and banana liqueur. This liqueur is made from bananas, spices, and vodka or other spirits, and is excellent as a flavoring for sangria or barraquito – a popular Canarian coffee drink made with condensed milk, liqueur, coffee, frothed milk, and lime zest.

Tenerife is an island full of sun, beautiful places, and interesting activities. Follow our blog for more tips on trips so that you can take as many experiences as possible from this amazing Canary destination.