Vilaflor – a place where history breathes on you.

This picturesque village is the highest village (about 1400 meters high village) and you can find it in the southern part of Tenerife, surrounded by indescribably beautiful nature. The streets and houses in Vilaflor are silent witnesses of history, life here is so different from the busy cities full of tourists. You will feel like you are in another world. If your time allows, be sure to visit during your vacation.


The village of Vilaflor is surrounded by several legends. One of the legends is directly related to the origin of the name of the village itself, because originally the village was called Chasna, but that was before European colonization and how else, look for love behind everything 💔

We were told a story about one of the captains of the troops who tried to conquer this territory. This captain found a young woman in the forest, whom he imprisoned. The girl was very beautiful, so he fell in love with her, but she did not return his love and managed to escape from prison after a few days. The captain was very worried about this loss and searched everywhere for the girl, but without success. The captain was inconsolable at all and died after a few days of delirium. Before his death, however, he kept shouting: “I saw the flower of the valley, I saw the flower” – “Vi la flor”. However, this meant that he saw a beautiful girl.


The life of the local inhabitants “chasneros” here has always been linked to agricultural activity. Mainly potatoes and vines are grown here, mainly goats are raised as livestock. And while you’re here, visit one of the local restaurants and try local delicacies such as the goat cheese, which is perfect.


Let’s take a look at what flora is found here. Canarian pine grows everywhere in the area. Only in this area can you see two unique specimens of pine.

The first is called Pino Gordo and it is a Canary pine that has grown to a height of 45 meters, making it the second tallest tree in Spain.

The other is called Pino de las Dos Pernadas. In this case, it is the tallest native tree with a height of just over 56 meters. And do you know when it is the most beautiful here? In spring, when everything blooms and the flowers form complete carpets of colorful beauty.


What you can do here:

– Hiking

– I ride a mountain bike


I hope I’ve cheered you up a bit and you’ll find time to come and see it.


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