finca Arico

Address: Arico, Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain

Ref. ID: 7865

Price: 63 000 EUR

Type: finca

Energy rating: X

Bedrooms: 0

Baths: 0

Pool: 0

Lat: 28.14086
Long: -16.52463

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    With views to the mountains and an old viaduct bridge to the north of the plot and towards the port of Granadilla on the south, this corner plot has roads on two sides of it. Two identical sized smaller plots make up the larger plot which measures 598 m2 and is classified as urban. It is permitted to attach two buildings on the adjoining plots provided that all visible facades and facings have the same quality of treatment and are built simultaneously but the dwellings can be different in terms of layout and surface areas. A maximum of 598 m2 over 2 floors can be built for the two dwellings. The maximum total ground floor area for the two dwellings is 358 m2.Commercial premises are permitted on the ground floor and basement with a linked warehouse in the semi-basement or basement. It can be used for craft and workshop, except for inconvenient uses. It could also be developed as a kindergarten, nursery, or primary school with up to 120 pupils in an exclusive building. Maximum occupancy - Above ground: 60%.The building must be set back at least 3 m from all boundaries. 60% of the free plot space must be landscaped and one tree per 100 m2 must be planted. Parking, pergolas, swimming pools or open-air sports courts are permitted in the free space, provided that they respect the 3 m setback from the boundaries. There must be at least 2 parking spaces (below ground or above ground). The maximum ground floor area of auxiliary constructions for garages is 44 m2 - A basement floor with a maximum of 330 m2 is permitted. Annual IBI €61.Asten Reference 7865